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Skin Resurfacing Treatment

rejuvenate and uncover younger-looking skin

Skin resurfacing refers to cosmetic treatments designed to exfoliate, enhance, and rejuvenate the skin. They have one thing in common: they make your skin look healthier and younger after a treatment. At 360 Wellness Spa in Grand Rapids, MI, we offer several treatments to rejuvenate the skin, erase imperfections, and uncover younger-looking skin.

What are Skin Resurfacing Treatments?

Our skin resurfacing treatment options can meet the needs of patients of different ages with unique skin concerns and all skin types. They can eliminate pigmentation, reverse sun damage, improve skin tone and texture, and prevent, reverse, and slow the aging process. We offer chemical peels, customized facials, Lutronic™ Clarity™ II photofacials, LaseMD Ultra™, and dermaplaning.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are professional exfoliating treatments that use a combination of acids to dissolve one or more layers of the skin. They can treat and correct the most common skin concerns, including lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, large pores, poor skin texture, uneven skin tone, and more. We offer three different chemical peels; our esthetician can determine the right choice for your skin and goals.

Chemical peels resurface the skin by eliminating the dead or damaged skin cell layer to reveal a healthier, younger layer. They promote cellular renewal and regeneration, delay aging, and increase natural collagen and elastin production. They can also reduce cellular buildup at different levels to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and acne scars and create a smoother and more uniform skin texture.

How and Why They Work and What To Expect

Chemical peels are often added to facials or other skin resurfacing treatments to maximize the results. They can also be scheduled as standalone treatments to renew and revitalize the skin. The treatment process is quick and will take minutes from start to finish. We’ll apply the customized peel to your skin, leave it on for several minutes and then remove it to apply protective sunscreen.

Different-strength chemical peels can address each patient’s skin type and skin concerns. Lighter peels require the least downtime and can refresh and exfoliate the skin. Medium peels can treat more advanced skin concerns like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone and texture. Deep peels are the strongest chemical peels and can remove several layers of skin to address the advanced signs of aging, extreme sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and more.

LaseMD Ultra™

LaseMD Ultra™ is a skin resurfacing laser that increases natural collagen and elastin production to strengthen the skin. It can also improve hyperpigmentation, create a more even skin tone, treat skin texture irregularities, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It reverses aging with non-ablative, fractional laser energy and can treat the most common skin concerns, including discoloration, during a 10 to 20-minute treatment.

Patients can schedule these safe treatments year-round to reach their anti-aging goals, brighten their complexions, and treat problematic skin conditions and imperfections. LaseMD Ultra™ can treat the different types of discoloration on the face, neck, and chest, including:

What To Expect

Before your treatment, we’ll cleanse your skin and prepare it for the laser. During treatment, you’ll feel a warming sensation as the laser energy creates microchannels in your skin and eliminates damaged or discolored skin cells.

Once your treatment is over, we’ll give you some aftercare instructions. We’ll recommend topical products, and you’ll need to avoid the sun to ensure the best results. Your skin will begin to self-exfoliate in the days following treatment, and as it does, you’ll notice brighter, healthier, and younger-looking skin.


Facials are professional skincare treatments that can cleanse, exfoliate, resurface, and hydrate the skin through a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment experience. During our facials, the esthetician will use specific products to cleanse your pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and treat your specific skin concerns with a customized mask.

Each step in this treatment process works together to rejuvenate and nourish the skin and promote skin health and a youthful glow. Before the treatment begins, the esthetician will review your specific skin care goals and your primary concerns to choose the right products to use during your treatment.

Facial Add-Ons

Our facial add-on options include dermaplaning, extractions, and a custom hydro jelly mask. The hydro jelly mask is anti-inflammatory and can hydrate, smooth, moisturize, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and condition your skin.

Facials with Jan Marini Skin Research®

At 360 Wellness Spa, we use Jan Marini Skin Research® products during our facials and other professional treatments. These products are known for their ability to radically improve the skin and maximize the results of professional skin care treatments. This line includes cleansers, anti-aging serums, retinol, exfoliators, moisturizers, sunscreens, masks, professional peel and facial products, and post-procedure skin care.

During your facial, we will choose which of these products meets your needs, and we can also recommend the right products to use after your treatment to ensure the best results.

Lutronic™ Clarity™ II Photofacials

Lutronic™ Clarity™ II photofacials are laser treatments that resurface the skin with a 755/1064nm dual wavelength platform. The device can eliminate pigmentation and redness and reverse aging.

Patients who want brighter, clearer, and healthier skin can schedule regular Lutronic™ Clarity™ II photofacials to target specific skin concerns, achieve a more even skin texture and tone, and restore a youthful glow. The treatment is virtually painless and requires little to no downtime but can initiate a total skin transformation.


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation treatment that resurfaces the skin by removing the top layer and, with it, dead skin cells and fine hair. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical, pain-free treatment during which the esthetician holds the surgical scalpel at a 45° angle to gently remove the layer of dead skin that prevents you from a youthful and healthy glow. It’s perfect for those who want to refresh the appearance of their skin without invasive techniques or harsh products.

A Treatment for Every Skin Type

Dermaplaning is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin; even pregnant and nursing women qualify for treatment. We can schedule this treatment as a standalone service, but we also offer it as an add-on. When performed in conjunction with a facial, it can prepare the skin, maximize results, and help your products better absorb since they won’t have to pass through the dead skin cell barrier.

Am I a Candidate?

If you’re interested in treating skin imperfections, a dull skin tone, reversing aging, or promoting skin health, you may be a candidate for one or more of our skin resurfacing services. The first step in this treatment process is a consultation where we’ll meet with you to review our available treatment options and learn more about your skin type, skin conditions, concerns, and ultimate treatment goals.

We can answer any questions you have about our skin resurfacing services and then confirm your treatment eligibility. Once we design your treatment plan, we’ll give you more details about how many treatments it should take to help you achieve your goals and how often you should schedule maintenance treatments to promote long-term skin health.

Resurface, Refresh, and Revitalize Your Skin

If you have a skin concern, we have a solution. You may only be one treatment away from beginning a skin transformation resulting in healthier, younger, even, and brighter skin. We can schedule your complimentary consultation to give you more details about our services and determine which treatment or combination of treatments is right for you.

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