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Chemical Peel

At 360 Wellness Spa in Grand Rapids, MI, our chemical peels stand at the forefront of advanced skincare treatments, offering a transformative solution to many skin concerns. This highly effective treatment exfoliates the top layers of skin, revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion beneath. Whether you’re grappling with signs of aging, sun damage, acne scars, or uneven skin tone, chemical peels offer a tailored approach to revitalizing your skin.

What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are a type of cosmetic treatment that involves applying a chemical solution to the skin. This causes the skin to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The new skin that emerges is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

What Do Chemical Peels Do?

Chemical peels address a variety of skin concerns and can significantly improve the skin’s appearance and texture. They effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun damage, diminish acne scars, and correct uneven skin tone and texture. By removing the outermost layers of the skin, chemical peels stimulate the natural cell renewal process, producing collagen and healthier skin.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Better Absorption of Skincare Products

After a chemical peel, the absence of dead skin layers allows for better penetration of skincare products, making them more effective in nourishing the skin.

Non-Invasive with Minimal Downtime

Chemical peels offer a non-invasive solution to skin rejuvenation, requiring minimal downtime. This makes them a convenient option for patients seeking effective treatments without the commitment of a lengthy recovery period.

Customizable Treatments for Specific Skin Concerns

The versatility of chemical peels allows for customization according to specific skin concerns and types. There’s a peel for every need, whether light chemical peels for subtle rejuvenation or more intensive treatments for deeper concerns.

Improvement in Overall Skin Health

Beyond aesthetic improvements, chemical peels contribute to the skin’s overall health. Removing dead skin cells and promoting turnover help maintain the skin’s vitality and function.

Immediate Visible Results

Many individuals experience immediate visible improvements in their skin’s appearance after just one chemical peel session, making it an attractive option for those seeking quick results.


Types of Chemical Peels We Offer 

We understand that each individual’s skin is unique, requiring personalized treatments to achieve optimal results. That’s why we’re proud to offer an array of chemical peels from two renowned lines: Jan Marini and SkinMedica. Each peel targets specific skin concerns, from rejuvenation and texture improvement to tackling acne and hyperpigmentation. Here’s a closer look at the peels available to you:

Jan Marini Peels

Glycolic Peel

A cornerstone of our offerings is the Glycolic Peel, which utilizes glycolic acid for deep exfoliation. What sets this peel apart is its versatility; it’s very customizable. Depending on your skin concerns, we can mix it with different Jan Marini masks to specifically target areas such as texture, fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation, and redness. This flexibility makes the Glycolic Peel a favorite among our patients.

Clarify Peel

The Clarify Peel is particularly effective for those struggling with acne. It features a potent combination of salicylic acid and melanic acid. It helps improve skin texture and promotes overall skin rejuvenation, making it a comprehensive treatment for clearer, smoother skin.

Transform Peel

Our most aggressive option within the Jan Marini line, the Transform Peel, combines lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol. This powerful blend makes it excellent for addressing hyperpigmentation, enhancing skin texture, revitalizing skin, and smoothing fine lines. The Transform Peel could be the ideal choice if you’re seeking dramatic improvement.

SkinMedica Peel

Vitalize Peel

A standout treatment from SkinMedica, the Vitalize Peel incorporates lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol. Like the Transform Peel, it’s designed to tackle hyperpigmentation, improve texture, rejuvenate the skin, and minimize fine lines. Its formulation suits those seeking substantial results with a trusted brand name.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Peels

How Long Do Chemical Peels Last?

The duration of chemical peel results can vary depending on the type of peel, skin type, and skincare regimen. Light peels offer improvements for one to two months, while deeper peels can last several months. Consistent skincare and protection from sun exposure can extend these effects.

How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel?

The frequency of chemical peel treatments varies depending on the type of peel, your skin’s needs, and the desired outcome. Light peels can be done as often as once a month, while medium peels are typically spaced three to six months apart. Deep peels, offering the most dramatic results, may only be performed once every few years. We will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your skin’s condition and cosmetic goals.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Chemical Peels?

Good candidates for chemical peels are individuals seeking to improve their skin’s texture and tone, address specific skin concerns such as acne scars, signs of aging, and hyperpigmentation, and are generally in good health. However, it’s essential for those with specific skin conditions, pregnant or nursing women, and individuals prone to keloid scars to consult with us before proceeding. A personalized consultation is crucial to evaluate if a chemical peel is suitable and to discuss any necessary precautions.

Unlock Radiant Skin With Chemical Peels in Grand Rapids, MI

At 360 Wellness Spa in Grand Rapids, MI, we specialize in different skincare treatments, including chemical peels. With extensive experience in dermatological health, we provide chemical peel treatments tailored to each patient’s unique skin needs. Chemical peels offer many benefits, from improving texture and tone to addressing specific concerns such as acne scars, aging signs, and hyperpigmentation.

 We invite you to experience the benefits of a chemical peel for yourself. Contact us online or call (616) 466-4972 to book a consultation and start your journey to radiant, healthy skin.

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